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Tanker and Waste Removal

Our fleet of tanker jetters and combination units deals with tanker service problems on a large scale. Capable of carrying up to 1,000 gallons of clean water, the tankers are powerful enough to blast away debris and silt from pipes up to 600mm in diameter particularly useful for large-scale applications, or sites with limited water supply.

Armed with a variety of nozzles, these powerful jetters can remove rubbish, tree roots, builder’s rubble and debris from drains and sewers. Perfect in industrial or municipal situations. The combination units can also collect and remove wet and dry material including bricks, bottles and compacted sewerage. A separate compartment allows them to remove a further 1,000 gallons of waste water, ideal where flooding is in progress and sewage or waste needs to be removed before causing too much damage.

We are licensed waste carrier, holding Environmental Agency documentation, all personnel are fully trained and work to the latest health and safety practices operate all tankers. Any waste that is removed is dealt with under the latest waste regulations.