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Cipp Relining/Patch Lining

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) is a great solution to sewer issues.

We use unique and tested methods that offer lining solutions offering additional benefits.

In fact, whether you have a need to find sewer pipe issues, need to clear and line a septic tank, or any of our other services we can conduct the works for you at an affordable price.

How It Works

We have unique technology that we use to analyse which equipment is to be used, whether there is a blockage or a repair to a broken pipe is required.

This means that our clients benefit from not only a competitively priced service, but one which is forward thinking and creates as little disruption as is possible if we have to dig down through the pipe.

The ultimate ‘no dig’ solution.

Pressure cipp Southern Drain Services based in Essex The alternative to costly pipe replacement is Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP). Quite simply it seals, strengthens and preserves pipelines by creating a smooth, corrosion resistant pipe within a pipe.

After cleaning and inspection has revealed serious defects in pipe condition CIPP Re-lining is an idea solution for repairing pipes rather than replacing them.

A polyester felt tube is made to the measurements of the required pipe length which is externally coated with a polyurethane membrane. A resin is then mixed with a special catalyst system and fed into the pipe to impregenate the felt which is then expanded to the existing pipe walls with vacuum pumps, the resin cures within 6 hours (depending on ambient temperature) leaving a fully restored, working pipe.

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