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High Pressure Jetting

Water Jetting at High pressures is an effective cleaning technique in pipes from 3/4” (19mm) to 48” (1200mm) and for the following applications:

1. Removal of compacted or loose debris from culverts or down any drain or sewer.

2. De-scaling of water mains.

3. Cleaning and flushing process pipe work. Interior and exterior cleaning of storage tanks. Restoration of painted or corroded structures.

4. Cleaning heat exchangers and condensers.

5. Removal of oil and grease from production areas.

High pressure water jetting is also a hugely effective way to remove dirt and grime from particular areas. We can help you to prepare certain areas should you need to have certain things removed, most of which are graffiti, paint or chewing gum. Some of which are road markings on highways and in carparks.

Whether you are an industrial or commercial client, if you have a requirement for our water jetting services, we will be more than happy to assist. Our equipment is built to a very high standard and removes surface stains, every time, meaning that our clients will benefit from a unique cleaning system – all from a family company who ensure every project is affordable.

How it works

Water goes through an industrial hose and is converted into high pressure fine jets by a nozzle. The nozzles vary in design and application. They can propel the hose more than 300ft along a drain run and, at the same time provide a scouring action which de-scales and cleans the pipe wall. Other nozzles incorporate a powerful forward facing jet to clear obstructions.

Using Southern Drain’s expertise plus a range of adjustable flow-rates and pressures, deposits are efficiently taken apart and then pushed down the drains. Our jet power pump units vary from trailer mounted to lorry mounted producing a water flow rate range from 9 gallons per minute to 70 gallons per minute.

This combines with a pressure range from 1000 to 12000 PSI. These combinations will effectively clear blockages from soft silt to concrete. Gratings and Safticurb gullies are cleaned by attaching a lance gun to the jetting hose.

A specially designed pump can be attached to the jetting unit to remove water or small debris from manholes to surface level. Our high pressure water jetting works without harsh chemicals, leaving your space ready for use once it is dry – without the need for treatment beforehand.

Cleaning systems are renowned for achieving the best results, so why not try our services today – high pressure water jetting at its premium level.