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Graffiti And Chewing Gum Removal

At Southern Drain Services, our team know just how annoying graffiti and chewing gum can be.

Whether your park, local public area or your residential or commercial property has been attacked by graffiti ‘taggers or has been soiled with chewing gum and permanent marker, we can help.

Using high pressure water jets combined with the latest environmentaly friendly formulas we are able to remove graffiti from almost any surface.

Chewing Gum
Using specially designed formulas and high pressure water jetting it is possible to remove chewing gum from almost any surface.

For more information or for a quote please contact us or use the enquiry form and we will call you back.

We are a professional company operating to service the commercial, industrial and domestic market. Our environmental cleaning services are second to none and have been built to build a portfolio of impressed clientele since our founder, Gary, set our company up in 1992.

Using high-powered equipment that is made to clear specific areas of graffiti and places with unsightly chewing gum, we can clean areas so that the surfaces are ready to re-paint or re-treat.

Our team know how you and your community care for your public access areas, yet we realise that some people don’t quite care as much as we do. That is why our team work hard to ensure that we conduct a graffiti and chewing gum removal service.

Our equipment is extremely high powered, we know how to use it following strict health and safety guidelines, and we ensure that we clear the area before we use it. We do not use harsh or dangerous chemicals because our equipment is built to lift vandalism and chewing gum litter using pressure.

If you are interested in our graffiti and chewing gum removal services, then please call our friendly and experienced team today.