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Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

We are Southern Drain Services. We have been operating since 1992, when our founder Gary set up the company because he realised the need for a reputable and responsible service that would work quickly with customers in mind.

Everything we do follows strict health and safety regulations, we remove waste, clean, unblock and repair drains, sewers and pipes, and our team conduct environmental projects that ensure our clients benefit from a prompt and reliable service that works.

We are immensely proud of our team and our services, keep well maintained equipment, and use only the best technology to help us identify issues that we resolve quickly.

How quickly do you conduct drain cleaning?

We aim to be in and out of the drain as quickly as possible. Whilst adhering to very strict health and safety regulations, we know the importance of being off the premises promptly.

How much does drain cleaning cost, and is it safe?

We always conduct drain cleaning as safely, efficiently and as affordably as possible. We follow the regulations that are governed by the industry and by governing bodies, and will answer any questions relating to cost and safety on a per project basis. As every project is slightly different, we will assess the cleaning issues and quote before we begin work.

What equipment do you use?

When we choose our drain cleaning equipment, we have to take into consideration the size of the drain. The length and the diameter determine how much access we have, and the material that the drain is constructed from is also a factor.

For drains with a larger pipe diameter, larger diameter cables are required. The length of the drainpipe also helps us make a decision as to which of our equipment we will use.

The amount of power needed in large and small pipes determine how much power we need also, so that we clear blockages effectively. We will survey the drainpipe and the heaviness of the blockage when we visit, and will assess which equipment should be used.

Do you use cameras to assess a blocked or broken drain?

Yes. They provided us with fast and accurate analysis of what is causing the problem with the drain, and its reason for leakage or for working inefficiently.

The cameras allow us to realise where the blockage is, and what it may be, and identify its location. In the event that we need to dig into the road, pathway, driveway or other property, cameras help us to map out exactly where to dig so that the minimum of damage is caused. This allows the repair to be as affordable as possible.

Can’t I just rent drain cleaning equipment?

Safety is the utmost importance when cleaning drains. Using electrical equipment, as well as knowing which safety equipment to wear, which clothing to wear, knowing how to use cutters and cables, and knowing how to stay a safe distance from drain cleaning equipment is something that should only be left to a professional.

Also, avoiding waste water and sewage, and finding broken and dangerous pipes is a serious hazard. Leaving it to experts that are experienced in the field, have the correct equipment and are knowledgeable about drain safety means that you are in little danger of causing more damage, or injury to yourself and others.

Do you work on only drain blockages and repairs?

No, we can inspect drains, manholes and can deal with tanker and waste removal. We use intelligent equipment that helps us assess exactly what the problem is – and we will help you solve it.

We also clear and maintain grease traps, conduct plumbing services to commercial outlets, and clear graffiti and chewing gum from public and private locations.

We are an environmental management company who clean, unblock, repair and remove issues that are causing problems in the private and public sectors.

Why do you use CCTV?

The capability to report visual results is vital. It allows us to precisely identify issues and produce a detailed written report every time. Our CCTV technology gives us a 360 degree view of drains, tankers and more – which means we can quickly recognise any problems, and can work on those to solve those issues.

What is your waste management service?

We are a responsible and reliable supplier of a tanker and waste removal service. As a registered waste removal company, we dispose of waste in the correct manner as set out by British and EU standards.

Whether you have hazardous or non-hazardous waste, we can remove it and dispose of it responsibly. We will remove from a whole manner of locations, including drains, sewers, septic tanks, tankers and more.

We use only certified disposable sites.